Rollable Concrete

Cortex, unlike traditional concrete, is installed in rolls. The rolls are unrolled on site and then hydrated with water in place to harden. After hardening, Cortex becomes twice as strong as standard concrete. Cortex replaces poured concrete, shotcrete, and waterproofing materials. Cortex is filled with a dry cement which is activated by water, and has unique gelling properties to stay in the material when hydrated, even on a slope. The product is fiber reinforced for added strength and crack prevention. Cortex can contour to complex surfaces and terrains when in a pre-hydrated state. The product achieves a compressive strength of over 7,000 PSI in 7 days after watering. The product is used in construction applications including: shoreline protection, water & waste water conveyance, ditch lining, erosion control, pit lining for oil & gas and mining, leach pads, and water remediation.


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