Concrete Unrolled

Simple to install, faster to set, and stronger than standard concrete.

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Better, faster, stronger, and less expensive.

Not only will using Cortex reduce man hours, it will also help you do a better job. Our proprietary cement mix and 3D reinforcement matting make Cortex two-times stronger than average concretes, and using less material than normal concrete means it’s better on the environment.

Cortex Layers

Rapid construction with
higher performance.

  • Water Soluble Material

    A bio-degrable fabric holds the cement in place during installation, allowing water to pass through, and eventually disintegrating.

  • Proprietary Cement Mix

    Gels wet to lock the mix in place, sets quickly, and produces much stronger concrete than alternatives.

  • 3D Reinforcement Matting

    A framework of 3D matting holds the mix and then reinforces it after installation and watering.

  • Water-Proof Membrane

    Provides 100% water-proofing, and inhibits chemicals from soil (eg. suflate attack).

One great product, many applications.

Cortex makes all kinds of jobs more efficient.

  • Canals & Ditches
  • Pits & Ponds
Oil & Gas
  • Pits & Ponds
  • Ditches
  • Secondary Containment
Erosion Control
  • Embankment Walls
  • Berms
  • Slopes
Water Management
  • Ditches & Canals
  • Shoreline Protection
Landfill & Waste
  • Waste Lagoons
  • Capping
  • Ditches & Canals
  • Leach Pads
  • Pits & Ponds
  • Water Management

    Cortex can be used in water management applications for ditch lining. Cortex can be used for ditches where medium to high water velocities and shear forces are expected. Cortex can be used to prevent erosion along channels and runoff drainways to protect the structures from the erosive effects of flowing water.

  • Agriculture

    Cortex can be used in canal, ditch, and pond lining applications for agriculture. Cortex can be used for ditches where medium to high water velocities and shear forces are expected. Cortex can be used to prevent erosion along the walls of ponds and reinforce them to create a permeant waterproof pond.

  • Erosion Control

    Cortex can be used as a replacement of rock riprap, shotcrete, and concrete slope paving. Cortex can be used to prevent erosion on steep slopes along roadways, channels, levees and canals. Erosion control is necessary to protect structures (roads, railways, etc) from rain impact, runoff, and washout. Cortex provides long-term protection to prevent erosion.

  • Remediation

    Cortex can be used for remediation ponds for agriculture and oil & gas applications. Cortex can be used for a wide range of containment applications including primary and secondary containment of waste or process liquids. Cortex can prevent the contamination of ground water, rivers and streams resulting from improper containment of toxic and hazardous waste, mining heaps, composting sites and landfills.

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